Writer with a strange name

Despite Myself

Iceland, 2014 / © Sébastien Van Malleghem

The wall is impenetrable.

It surrounds the cold abyss of my broken spirit.

My heart is in pieces and I can no longer go on.

Pushing away all who dare come close, despite myself I crave for comfort.

Someone to make the pain go away and fill me with hope again.

Despite myself knowing it never happens.

Despite myself I pick the same Prince Charming who crushes my soul and spits on my heart.

He cares not for my forlorn pain.

I cradle myself bowed over in agony

My future child fades from existence from a pain created by the same Prince Charming who defiled me in his beastiality.

I cannot be unburdened and few will understand.

Despite myself I hope and wait for the day one man would.


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