Writer with a strange name

The beginning of a new decade.

The last time I wrote on this blog was just under a year ago. So much can happen in a year, and so much can change you as a person. A year is just a measurement of time and yet it hold so much promise, pain, disappointment, experiences, emotions. All these things are summed up into a little package, and all the years add up to what we call life.

2020 has such a different sound to it. Not because of anything profound or remotely philosophical but simply because of its pronunciation. 2020 always seemed so far off in the distance. Like when politicians would say that they would “Lower carbon emissions by 50% in year 2030” – I just made this up but you get my drift. 2020 was the year that the Jetsons showed us that we’d have flying cars and yet all we’ve seen is Teslas’s armoured car fail in the last decade.

Many people may have imagine themselves at a different point at this time, I certainly did. I imagined so many things differently a year ago. I achieved many things I thought I didn’t even fathom and failed to reached so many goal posts. A new year brings promise of change and new opportunities to feel fulfilled or at least that’s the illusion we allow ourselves to believe as humans.

So here I am again on this blog that I have revamped many times along my arduous years on the internet. For another… you guessed it revamp, in my attempt to be more consistent. This is not a new year resolution, because the moment I call it that is the moment it will fail. Consistency is key they say to all the progress in life, and writing is the only skill I feel optimistic and hopeful I can achieve without much painstaking suffering, expensive or discouragement. Because who knows how these words will reach someone else in the void and that is all I am hoping for.

I guess there’s a lot of emotion and hype over the fact that it’s a new decade, and there should be, it’s monumental time. So much can happen in 10 years and for me I was a very different person at the beginning of the decade than I am now. Everyone will be because no one person stays the same, we change ins so many ways small and large. Some ways we may not even realise ourselves.

So to whoever is reading this, don’t feel disheartened if you didn’t achieve whatever goal you set for yourself last new years day, because often it’s the goals that we do not set, that we end up achieving unknowingly and without the insurmountable pressure we put on ourselves as imperfect people to become perfect beings.

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