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Welcome/わたし は

Welcome to all who dare enter and scroll down for more.

わたし わたし 。

Watashi wa..
I am…
I am Arcade, but I am more than just my name. I am a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a friend, a confidant, a feminist, a Christian, a scientist, an otaku, a black cat, an otaku,  a writer, a poet and yet I am none of those things. I am only who I present myself to be at each moment in time. I am only who you perceive me to be, and who I show.

Beyond this page is what I hope to be a world of ramblings, imagination poetry, anime, prose, pictures, gifs and other things I cannot begin to comprehend at this point. Why? Because I have yet to establish a singular niche for this Website. Much like myself, I have an array of interests I want to take part in. Yet I am inconsistent and unable to invest the time needed in myself or my hobbies. Welcome to the Arcade of interests. Welcome to me. My name is Arcade. Feel free to browse me.


I'm weird.gif

(yet oddly insightful at times)

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